Dual Chamber Wood Oven- Rosso 80x54 

Fontana Forni Rosso - 80x54

Fontana invented the dual chamber oven over 40 years ago, combining beautiful Italian design with versatility and functionality. Use it to prepare brick-oven pizza, bread, roasts, chicken, vegetables and more. 

If you can imagine it, you can cook it to perfection!

  • Heavy duty 3mm stainless steel
  • Cast-iron doors
  • 12cm natural rock-spun insulation
  • Consumes 5x less wood than traditional brick ovens
  • Heats up in 45 min


3 racks, interior light, convection fan, 3 pans, fire poker, and built-in pizza stone



About The Rosso Pizza Oven
Red is the color of Italian cuisine, exemplified in ripe tomatoes and hardy, full-bodied wines. Now you can enjoy a wood oven that makes the same bold statement. The Rosso is the color-tinted version of the Gusto, our best-selling model, which means you get superior design and craftsmanship, cheerily bedecked in red. But the Rosso is more than a pretty face. Use it to prepare brick-oven pizza, bread, roasts, chicken, vegetables and more! It’s truly the most versatile wood-fired oven on the market, constructed to give your family years of cooking and entertaining pleasure.

Rosso Specs

Exterior Dimensions - D 48", W 47", H 64"

Cooking Dimensions - D 30", W 20", H 18"

Weight - 726 lbs

Fuel Type - Wood

Start-up Time - 45 min


Fontana Convenience

  • Easy setup lets you go from delivery to delicious in just minutes.
  • But if you need to move or remodel, the Rosso is completely portable.
  • The oven consumes exponentially less wood than a traditional brick oven, making it easy on your budget and the environment.
  • Heats up in 45 minutes and cooks evenly and stays hot for almost two hours.
  • Comes equipped with three racks, an interior light and a convection fan.
Fontana Advantages
  • Maximum Insulation: A full 12 centimeters of natural rock-spun wool insulation surrounds the cooking chamber to maximize heat retention and cooking efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty Construction: Solid-weld construction — 3-millimeter-thick stainless steel reinforced with a 5-millimeter-thick Corten steel panel — provides years of durable, rust-free performance.
  • Innovative Design: Our unique cooking chamber — domed front-to-back and side-to-side — eliminates hot spots and ensures uniform heat distribution.
  • Superior Results: The smallest details can make a big difference. Fontana ovens include a damper control for maximum heat retention and more complete combustion.
  • Handcrafted: Fontana ovens are made entirely in Italy by skilled artisans using the finest, most durable materials.
  • Long-lasting Performance: We electro-galvanize our metals before powder-coating, providing superb protection against corrosion.