Single Chamber Wood Oven- Toscana 

La Piazza Toscana Wood Oven

La Piazza Wood Ovens take great pride in importing authentic Italian Style pizza ovens into the comfort of your own backyard, so that you can enjoy the unsurpassed experience of enjoying delicious meals prepared in our outdoor ovens.

  • 100% 304 stainless steel
  • High-heat powder coated finish - Merlot
  • 12 cm Ceramic fiber blanket insulation
  • Stainless cart - included
  • Stainless removeable chimney - included
  • 4  swivel castors - included
  • Cordierite baking stones - included
  • Heats up in 30 min



About The Toscana Pizza Oven

La Piazza Toscana takes pizza passion to another level! It's built with a solid weld dome construction; minimizing heat alteration and distortion which are common in cheaper bolt together designs.

304 stainless steel constructed oven dome, base, stand, lids along with the nuts& bolts, allowing your oven to last for years in the great Canadian climate.

La Piazza uses the highest premium insulation, both in quality and thickness for exceptional heat retention. The Toscana wood oven includes 12 centimeters of ceramic fiber blanket dome insulation. That’s 5 inches of insulation, compared to the 2 inch "industry standard",giving an unprecedented amount of heat retention. The single most important factor when choosing a wood fire oven.

More heat retention = less wood.

The Toscana comes with a high-grade cordierite stone floor, designed specifically for this type of oven. These floors heat up much quicker compared to the traditional firebrick backing stones.

Toscana Specs

Colour - Merlot 

Exterior Dimensions - 35" D x 39" W x 69" H (104" Chimney)

Cooking Dimensions - 30"D x 30"W

Weight - 350 lbs

Fuel Type - Wood

Start-up Time - 30 min

Stand Height - 45" H

Capacity - 4 Pizzas