Slow ‘N Sear PLUS

Fits 22″ or 26″ kettle grills

For an upgraded grilling and smoking experience choose the Slow ‘N Sear PLUS – a Standard (22″) Slow ‘N Sear with a ventilated, welded stainless steel base plate.  Easily create and maintain a two-zone cooking environment in your kettle grill for high-quality grilling, low ‘n slow barbecue, roasting, baking…the Slow ‘N Sear PLUS does it all!



Maximize the possibilities of your Weber kettle with the Slow ‘N Sear! With our patent-pending design you’ll enjoy hassle-free, low ‘n slow temperature control for over 8 hours on a single fill of charcoal (80-100 briquets). Don’t go out to eat – cook amazing brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, chicken, steak, seafood, etc at home! Made from 5 lbs of stainless steel, this product will last a lifetime.

Slow ‘N Sear is made of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel

  • 10+ hours unattended “low-n-slow” (225-250F) operation with a single charcoal fill; if needed, refilling the Slow ‘N Sear couldn’t be easier
  • 5+ hours of steam generated from the integrated water reservoir during low-n-slow cooks to enhance meat with clean, smoky flavor
  • Go from low ‘n slow to high-heat sear in a matter of minutes just by opening your kettle vents! Obtain 1000+ F searing temperatures for a perfect restaurant-quality sear
  • 5+ lbs of heavy gauge stainless steel; it will last longer than your kettle
  • Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen