Broil King VS Napoleon: Which Grill Should You Buy?

Broil King VS Napoleon: Which Grill Should You Buy?

Throughout North America and some parts of the world, barbecuing has become one of the more well-known methods of cooking. Though quite simple, the style of cooking has become incredibly popular since the 60s developed its capabilities for home entertainment. 

The slight char of meats and vegetables cooked over the grill and the smoky flavours from the charcoal used was loved from the start, so it was only natural that the tech put into barbecues developed alongside society itself. Today, homeowners have all sorts of barbecues that we could choose from propane, charcoal, smokers and even electricity-fueled grills.

With all the brands that offer barbecue grills today, picking the right one can be rather difficult. Each has its own unique features that make them stand out from its competition. However, all these brands, of them claim to have high-quality grills. Among some of the best name brands are Napoleon and Broil King, so their reliability easily makes them great choices. But between Broil King vs Napoleon, what brand do you choose? 

In the ongoing debate of which barbecue grill is better, we’ve collected some of their key features to help you narrow down your choice between Broil King vs Napoleon barbecues. Both of these brands are well known and have a wide range of grills with different kinds of fuel sources that you can choose between. 

The history of Broil King grills

The company we know as Broil King today truly came into being around 1984 when its parent company began making smokers. Initially called Onward Manufacturing, the parent company was founded in the early 1900s and was a family-owned and operated business. Though they made home furniture in their early years, Onward began branching out into the manufacturing of other products, like appliances. 

After creating charcoal water smokers, the company soon began to see the popularity of their smokers and began developing the technology. Soon enough, the Broil King brand was created and Onward began creating barbecue grills under the name. 

The Broil King brand now has three factories throughout North America, serving many global barbecue needs. The brand has since become incredibly popular since their first grills and they proudly claim 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality grills. Now under the parent company Cadco Ltd, a food service equipment manufacturing company, Broil King is still going strong.

Napoleon’s history of barbecue grills

Wolf Steel Ltd, the name of the Napoleon brand initially started began as a manufacturer of home heating items. Having been started by Wolfgang Schroeter, the first wood-burning stoves were created in 1976. From there, Wolfgang saw the benefits and popularity his stoves had and continued to develop them as time went on. 

Soon, he began creating grills with better quality and technology until the mid-1990s, when the new family-run business began to manufacture the high-quality gourmet barbecue grills we know Napoleon sells today.

Ever since their first grill, the company has expanded, developing and implementing new technology into their grills to appeal to their customers. Napoleon now offers a range of portable grills as well as a complete line of outdoor kitchen solutions. If you want to get high-quality outdoor kitchen items, Napoleon has whatever you need, whether it’s built-in grill heads and cabinets or even outdoor fireplaces.

Build quality and user design

If you’re looking to get a barbecue grill that will last a longer time, the overall quality and make-up of the grill in a comparison between Broil King vs Napoleon barbecues can be a key factor in choosing. Napoleon grills are built with an aluminium tub to protect the grill’s burners from any grease and juices that might drip onto them. 

This tub in addition to the protection it gives lessens the chances that the insides of the grill will rust. It’s still recommended that you keep the barbecue away from moist conditions, however.

While Broil King grills don’t have this aluminium tub, some of their grill models have a sliding base for your propane tank. Generally, propane tanks are larger and heavier, requiring a fair amount of space in order to house the tank. 

While this additional feature isn’t all that necessary, Broil King grills with it can make grilling and replacing the tank far easier for anyone to do. In terms of a more user-friendly design between Broil King vs Napoleon bbq, Broil King may be a better choice.

Barbecue Features

Comparing Napoleon vs Broil King bbq, there are a few features that both grill brands share. Both grills have 4 main individual burners, all of which can also be turned on separately as needed. Additionally, the two brands also have grills with a rear burner with infrared capabilities that can be used to cook additional foods or can be used as a rotisserie. What really makes Napoleon stand out more is that their burners can reach an overall BTU - British Thermal Units - of 18 000 while Broil King’s reaches 15 000 BTU. 

Napoleon grills also feature the brand’s signature WAVE grids that allow more heating than Broil King. Combined with Napoleon’s infrared side burner and how it can act as a second sear area, you can get more heat and space out of your grill. However, when it comes to comparing Napoleon vs Broil King and their options, an argument can be made that Broil King doesn’t force you to get an infrared burner if you don’t have the need for it.


Both Broil King and Napoleon are equally good brands that are both quite well known for user-friendly and even beginner-friendly grills. If you often find yourself questioning if you properly turned the burners off, both brands offer grills with special knobs that tell you exactly when the burners are on or not. At the end of the day, you need to consider what features you want more. 

While Napoleon’s grills typically have a larger cooking grid, you might not need the extra space if all you cook is three to four burgers at one time, which makes Broil King a better choice for your home. Whatever that choice is between Broil King vs Napoleon, Dickson Barbecue Centre can provide you with all your needs.