14" Deluxe Aluminum Pizza Peel Perforated

14" Deluxe Aluminum Pizza Peel Perforated


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Designed for pizzas up to 15 inches wide, this peel also has a perforated head to help flour release from the bottom of the pizza and decrease friction when sliding the peel under dough. Less flour on the dough when going into the oven means less burning of the crust and burnt flour to clean out of the oven. Perforated pizza peels are even lighter!

Thanks to its thin aluminum blade, this deluxe all aluminum pizza peel makes it easy to slide traditional round pizzas, Sicilian style square pizzas, or panzerotti in and out of your pizza oven. Because its made entirely of aluminum, the deluxe pizza peel is lightweight and easy to clean. For added stability, the all aluminum handle is triple-riveted to the pizza peel's 14 gauge blade.
Aluminum pizza peels are a popular, money saving alternative to wood pizza peels because they don't need to be seasoned and won't absorb unwanted odors and food particles.

Key Features
  • Blade dimensions: 14.5" W x 14.5" D
  • Overall length with handle: 30"
  • Perforated aluminum head
  • Tapered edges for pizza dough protection
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in USA