Gourmet Liquid Smoke - Hickory Flavour

Gourmet Liquid Smoke - Hickory Flavour


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They have captured the smoke flavor in its purest form. The use of liquid smoke makes any recipe taste like the great flavors of outdoor cooking. Add this when grilling fish, vegetables, or making your secret bbq sauce.

Liquid smoke is a natural byproduct of burning wood. The exhaust of a wood fire is basically smoke and steam. When the smoke hits the cool air the steam will become a liquid form. Here it is distilled down even further for a smooth delightful flavor that won't overpower any recipe. 

How to cook with Liquid Smoke:  Don't become a BBQ snob and refuse to use this. Not only can it be used when cooking stew, chili, secret bbq sauce, mixed in hamburger patties, on a gas grill or in the oven.  For those who don't have access to a grill or smoker but want to cook some smoked meat or fish, a few drops of liquid smoke brushed on or used in a marinade are all that is needed. 

 Suggest Use On: Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish, Wild Game, and Vegetables 

  • Application Process: Use in recipes and add to your favorite sauce
  • Preparation: Ready to use