Sugar Maple Planks - Large 2 pk


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Sugar Maple provides a mild, smoky and somewhat sweet flavor to your food. Best used with pork, poultry and vegetables.

The trunk of a tree is made up of long tubular cells that go from the roots to the branches, carrying water and nutrients to all parts of the tree. The distinctive flavors of each wood species are contained in these cells. Cross cut planks slice across these cells and as a result absorb liquids much faster than a normal lumber cut plank while slowly releasing the wood flavors passing through the cells into the food as it cooks on the grill or broils in the oven. Cross cut planks capture each tree’s unique flavor by utilizing all of the tree’s cells.

There are different flavors in one cross cut plank:

Heartwood is in the center of the tree and captures an aged flavor.
Sapwood is between the center and inner-bark, is lighter in colour and is sweeter than the wood flavor.
Inner-bark and outer-bark have the most natural flavor of the tree.

Features and Benefits
•Preserves the nutrients within your food
•100% organic and pesticide free - safe for use on your grill
•Captures each tree’s unique flavour by utilizing all of the tree’s cells
•Absorbs liquids much faster than lumber cut planks