GrillGrates Sets for Traeger Grills

GrillGrates sit on top of existing grill surfaces and will upgrade your grilling experience by radiating an additional 200F of heat at the cooking surface. The patented design traps and concentrates the heat conducting it up the rails for searing while the valleys sizzle juices for added flavor, moisture, and tenderness That’s why we call pellet grill sets “Sear Stations.” The results are bold sear marks AND great sizzle like you would get on a traditional grill. We do not recommend full coverage on pellet grills as it can impair the airflow. 
1 Panel is 5.25" wide
2 Panel Kits are 10.5" wide
3 Panel Kits are 15.75" wide
We're here to help recommend right size Sear Station GrillGrates set for you.