Our Services


Our most popular service... When it comes to building your new barbecue, why not let us do it. This service will save you time and aggravation. Our assembly team does it right and most importantly, no spare parts!

 Now that your new barbecue has been professionally assembled, let us deliver it to you. Our delivery trucks are on the road 7 days a week so you can enjoy your new barbecue right away. Our delivery service includes a two person team and we'll put your new grill exactly where you like, connect it to the tank or gas line and test fire gas bbqs as our standard service.  If you require gas work before delivery, we can connect you with great gas technicians to prepare the line for your brand new grill!

Save your back and don't damage your vehicle. We do it and do it right!


Has your propane barbecue ever run out of fuel? Tired of getting your heavy tank refilled? Not a fan of storing extra propane tanks at your house? Well then, I think we should talk!

 Hire our fully licensed and insured Gas Installers to set up the proper Natural Gas connection in your backyard. Your barbecue will hook up directly to your home, you will never run out of gas, and never deal with a propane tank again.  The most convenient way to grill is just a phone call away!



 Say hello to your new Barbecue and goodbye and good riddance to your old one!

When we deliver your new barbecue, let us go all the way!  As an add-on to our delivery service, we also offer barbecue removals. We will haul away your old, tired and broken grill and dispose of it in an environmentally sound way. (Recycling/disposal fees apply)


Having a problem with your barbecue? Maybe it won't ignite or you want the burners changed?

 We have fully licensed and insured barbecue technicians, and they make house calls too! Call us and have your barbecue fixed before you know it.


Is your barbecue giving you its best performance?

Your barbecue needs to be cleaned and maintained each season.  If you don't have the time or can't do it yourself, reach out to Barbeque Pro - our preferred bbq cleaning provider.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO