4 Ideas for outdoor BBQ kitchen in 2022

If you find yourself hosting a lot of patio barbecue parties during the summer, a bbq outdoor kitchen can be incredibly useful for your home. Everything you might need can be set up there, quite literally forming an outdoor version of your kitchen. With a few additions and a bit of construction, you can even set up a sitting area that’s completely separate from your own deck! With how useful an outdoor kitchen can be, deciding to build one in your backyard’s available space can be a simple decision, but the harder choices also need to be made. What do you put in there and how do you place it all?

Simply adding a few countertops and a cooler to your patio can be a perfectly viable and simple idea for those homeowners that don’t find themselves barbecuing all that often or for smaller groups. However, for those people that have larger amounts of space they want to use in their backyard and many friends, getting a few good outdoor bbq kitchen ideas that you can add can be hard. 

That’s why we’ve collected a few ideas for you to choose from - to help you settle on a backyard kitchen idea that’s both functional and suits the overall aesthetic of your home. While many of these outdoor bbq kitchen ideas are large and may require quite a lot of money, we also made sure to add a few simpler and smaller ideas. After all, a great barbecue party doesn’t need much more than a few great friends.

Choose your appliances

When you start considering ideas for an outdoor barbecue kitchen, make sure you know what you want to add and where. Certain appliances have restrictions to where you can place them and what other appliances they can be set by. For example, if you’re building a kitchen around your propane barbecue, you need to keep it away from the sun, but still outdoors. Additionally, if your city tends to see heavy snowfall during the winter or rain during the spring, you might want to invest in a way to cover your kitchen from the elements. This could mean that you have your grill set under an awning or another kind of cover instead. 

Also consider what you plan to stock outside, since there may be the need to bring it all inside when fall rolls in and the weather cools down. In addition to your barbecue, you’ll likely need a space to hold any additional snacks and a mini fridge or a cooler. These easily make it so that you can prepare ingredients for both the main dishes and any snacks you might need ahead of a barbecue party, all without needing to run inside for anything extra.

Choose your style

Once you’ve got a good idea of what your appliances are, you can then make your outdoor bbq kitchen ideas suit your home’s appearance. One of the best things about an outdoor kitchen is that you can make it look like a duplicate of your home or you can try something entirely different, if you wanted.

A little bit of the beach

This is one of the better and cheaper options if you don’t want to build too much. With one or two countertops, a few seating options and some beachside themed decor, you already have all you need for a beachy themed outdoor kitchen. Tuck your barbecue grill and the countertops to the side and set up your seating area a little further away before setting up your decor. If you’re up for building a few things, adding a pagoda or canopy over your outdoor kitchen can be a great option. You can even add a sandbox - if you have enough space - as a part of your kitchen if you really want to have the beach at your home.

Clay & Bricks

One of the great modern outdoor bbq kitchen ideas is to use clay and bricks as part of the decor. This idea works especially well if you have a clay pizza oven in addition to your barbecue grill. That, however, tends to make the idea more expensive, since using bricks and clay will more than likely increase the construction price. To make this idea especially great, you can add an outdoor dining set in addition to a smaller outdoor couch. Some people even recommend adding a fireplace if you plan on making the bbq outdoor kitchen large.

Add classy backsplash

For simple bbq kitchen outdoor ideas that anyone can use, regardless of the size of their available space, consider using a backsplash to add a bit of character. When combined with your barbecue grill, any other appliances you might add and solid colored cabinet countertops, you can also achieve a very modern look. As with all types of outdoor kitchens, though, it’s a good idea to make sure that the space is well ventilated and open. So, make sure that the adhesive you use is strong enough to hold in all sorts of high heat and freezing temperatures!

Great options to add to an outdoor kitchen

If you have a large chunk of space set up for one of these bbq kitchen outdoor ideas but only have a single barbecue grill, there are a few other items you can add. If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you can add a few outdoor fans or heaters, a fire pit, an outdoor tv, and even a second grill. A more expensive option like a patio heater can also allow you you use the grill when fall and winter rolls around.


Ultimately, building an outdoor kitchen can be quite a large investment. Even if some of these outdoor bbq kitchen ideas are fairly small or can be adjusted for any size, many of these constructions can cost thousands of dollars. That doesn’t even include the cost of any additional grills or furniture that you might need. Always consider what ideas you have first, and what you know you definitely want before you commit. But, once you’ve chosen, an outdoor barbecue kitchen can add quite a lot of value to your house. If you want to get another grill or some accessories for your bbq outdoor kitchen, visit Dickson Barbeque Centre.