Big Green Vs Kamado Joe: Which Is the Better Buy?

For grill enthusiasts and party lovers all across Canada and the rest of North America, summer is the best time for outdoor parties. And, naturally, with outdoor parties comes the crowds of people looking to buy charcoal, propane tanks and wood chips to fire up their barbecues. Those that don’t already have a grill start looking for a good new grill or look for one to replace their old one. However, a new type of barbecue or grill is becoming far more popular.

If you’ve heard of kamado grilling, then chances are that you heard of two of the biggest name brands that offer grills. Yet, when looking to buy one of these kinds, which one would be the best choice? The Big Green Egg vs. Kamado Joe can be a big choice to make, especially due to their similarities. Both are large and made from a thick layer of ceramic, as typical of kamado grills, and both can use charcoal as fuel. So how can you pick between them? 

To help you choose, this article covers the advantages and disadvantages of the Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe. 

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is a fairly new take on the original Japanese Kamado style cooking pots, originally started in 2009. The company boasts a modernized style that has been updated with “unparalleled craftsmanship” to better suit the modern barbecue enthusiast’s needs and wants. Additionally, Kamado Joe offers a range of accessories, both for actively cooking and for making the overall barbecue experience more convenient. 

The Pros

When considering the kamado joe vs big green egg, one key factor you should consider is the average lifespan of the grill. Most grills in the Kamado Joe grill line are given a warranty period of about five years from the time of purchase. The warranty covers any material defects and mistakes as well as the overall workmanship. Considering that, premium grills like the Kamado Joe are expected to last for the duration of the warranty, a total of five years. Proper care and protection against canadian winters and rain can double this expected lifespan to ten years and more. 

The Kamado Joe grill lines are created and imported from China, though this doesn’t seem to negatively impact the overall durability of the grill. An argument could, in fact, be made that when comparing the Green Egg vs Kamado Joe, the Kamado Joe was just a little more durable. The stand built to support the grill while in use is said to be welded together, providing more stability in addition to durability.

Kamado Joe also offers a variety of different accessories and features to improve the use of their grills. One such feature is the Kamado Joe Flexible Cooking System, which allows different foods to be cooked at separate tiers closer to the coals. Additionally, the brand sells items to expand how barbecue owners use their grill, such as making it a pizza oven or rotisserie grill. These are just a few of the innovative accessories available, as well.

Due to more recent developments, the Kamado Joe is creating more innovations and features to further distinguish it from their brand’s competitors. In addition to the Flexible Cooking System, the grill also has a tower top vent to allow more precise control over the internal temperature while also preventing any rain or moisture from entering. The grill also features an ash drawer to help make cleaning out ash easier and mechanisms to make sure that, in case that the lid slips, it won't break.

Its more innovative designs also give the brand a higher customer loyalty. Due to some factors, such as coming a stand and other features, more clients find the brand to be great and are willing to return if they need to replace their barbecue or purchase another for their home. 

Big Green Egg

When comparing the Kamado vs Big Green Egg, you might also consider what some other barbeque enthusiasts may prefer. While Kamado Joe is considered a more innovative brand, Big Green Egg was created in 1974. As such, the brand has gained a large following of people that enjoy the brand and its barbecues. The market for the grill has grown so large til recent times that there are numerous online forums, Reddit threads and other online communities where enthusiasts can chat. 

While this may just seem like a fan base, chances are that there are many people willing to help solve any issues or answer any questions you have. The overall popularity is much larger than that of Kamado Joe’s and is considered the current most popular brand of kamado grills. 

Comparing Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe also extends to the overall methods of buying the grills. The Big Green Egg is primarily sold through brick and mortar shops, though there are a few companies online that are beginning to sell the grills online as well. This allows everyone to buy a Big Green Egg without the additional need to pay for shipping. 

Additionally, while the Egg may not have as many innovative accessories as Kamado Joe, more and more accessories are being created for the brand. Combined with the brand’s customer service reliability, the Egg is likely a good option if you prefer an older but reliable barbecue.


There are many key factors that need to be considered when dealing with the Kamado Joe vs Green Egg. While many people prefer to buy a Kamado Joe grill due to its greater number of benefits, innovations and accessories, others may prefer the Big Green Egg due to the brand’s older age and the reliability that comes with it. 

Take into consideration what features you want in your barbecue as well. Some online sources claim that the Big Green Egg is far easier to use for people that are new to barbecuing while others say Kamado Joe is the best option. It’s important to do your research into the options and what they have that suits your specific needs.

 While Kamado Joe is the more popular choice across most groups, the Big Green Egg has its own strengths that make it a strong pick if you prefer its utilities.