Broil King Vs Weber

Barbecuing has become one of the world’s most well known summer activities, and is a popular choice for get-togethers and social events. With so many different brands of barbecues going on sale at the onset of spring, barbecue enthusiasts and homeowners alike often start looking into buying a new grill. One of the many decisions they may need to make can be narrowed down to the Broil King vs Weber brand choice.

Broil King and Weber offer different lines of grills for grill enthusiasts to choose between, with several variations and options. Both brands are well known in the barbecue industry, making the choice between Weber vs Broil King BBQ a bit more complex. With each company creating high end grills right in Canada, there’s a lot to consider.

To help you choose between the two highly popular Canadian brands, we’ve found some of the most important benefits that each of the brands’ grills have to help you pick the right barbecue for your home.

Weber’s brand history

After the end of World War II, the slower methods of cooking for entertaining family and friends was quickly replaced by fast, high heat grilling with the use of free standing metal braziers. However, due to the weather being unpredictable, even the slightest bit of rain could ruin what could be a great steak. As a result, George Stephen Sr. thought up a solution due to one such situation. Having initially created it and adding a lid at his workplace at a local metalworking company, he soon became incredibly successful as his solution solved the problem that everyone had. 

After buying and renaming the metalworking company, Weber-Stephen Products soon grew and began developing more lidded barbecues. They kept improving and developing their product as time went on, adding new and more innovative technology to their grills, culminating in the first Weber electric and gas grills when casual home entertaining became the norm. By the time George Stephen Sr. died in 1993, his BBQ grills had become wildly successful throughout North America, inducting him into the Barbecue Hall of Fame in 2013. 

Broil King’s brand history

Though the brand was first founded in 1986, Broil King is a part of a larger, family owned and operated company called Onward Manufacturing. Having been in the business of manufacturing home furniture, appliances and other items since the early 1900s, they first began creating charcoal water smokers a number of years before the Broil King brand was made. Onward saw the popularity their smokers had and truly began producing barbecues by 1984. As the years passed and the popularity of barbecue grill grew even more, the Broil King brand grew until it soon became popular throughout North America.

Today, the Broil King brand has three factories throughout North America, serving many global barbecue needs. They proudly claim 30 years of experience with creating reliable and high quality grills, having later been bought by Cadco Ltd, a company specialising in the manufacturing of food service equipment.

Factors to Consider with Weber Grills

A long term warranty

For a pair of similar grills, Weber is known to have a much better offer, specifically when getting a warranty. For a total of 10 years, the entire expected lifespan of the grill, the warranty covers any replacements or repairs for defects that the grill may have. This covers each individual component in the grill. In addition to getting a high end and reliable grill, in the chance that some part malfunctions much earlier than expected, you can easily send it in to be replaced.

In Broil King vs Weber comparisons, Broil King offers a different warranty length for each part. Some are lifetime, while others are just two year long durations. With the peace of mind you get from a full duration, 10 year warranty on all the parts, Weber is far better.  

Great heat distribution

Though Weber grills have less heat output when compared to Broil King’s, they often do have a far better heat distribution. Due to how the grills are constructed, the burners have a triangular shape instead, giving a more consistent heat across the available cooking area. This allows you to be able to cook multiple dishes all at the same consistency without needing to constantly check if the underside is burning.


Factors to consider with Broil King Grills

More heat output

In the comparison of Weber vs Broil King, one of the things you may want to focus on is how much heat you get out of your grill. When it comes to Broil King grills, the overall BTUs - or British Thermal Units - has the ability to reach an upward of 78,000. This is primarily due to the fact that the grill uses tube shaped burners in addition to a high heat. The combination allows Broil King grills to heat up faster while also getting much hotter, allowing for faster cooking sessions.

Convenient cooking systems

One of the features Broil King grills come with is the Flav-r-Wave cooking system. Designed to stop most of the food’s drippings from falling into the flames, it instead redirects the drippings to an area where it can evaporate. This further helps by protecting both you and the meat and vegetables you cook from any flare ups. The Broil King bbq vs Weber grill comparison is also deepened by the additional benefits of being able to separate areas of the cooking area to cook at different temperatures whenever you need it.


When comparing Broil King vs Weber barbecues, there’s quite a few things to consider, but it boils down to the unique circumstances of the barbecuer. Broil King has a variety of feature advantages such as a higher heat range as well as a larger cooking area and a number of specialised features such as an optimised drip tray. This makes Broil King a great option for barbecue experts who are looking for a grill that matches up to their skill. 

On the other hand, Weber’s extended warranty options and well designed heat distribution make it ideal for those just getting into grilling or looking for a grill that will last them a long time. The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with either brand and you should pick which brand best suits your needs. If you’re interested in getting either of these grills, be sure to browse our catalogue to find the best option for you.