How Long Does It Take to BBQ A Sausage

BBQ sausages are an absolute classic and the ultimate easy summertime treat. The smoky heat from a grill adds a unique flavour to spice up fresh sausages, giving them a delicious taste. It’s one meal not to miss out on in the warmer months.

Whipping up a BBQ sausage takes little to no time as they can be prepared in a few minutes. In fact, you can make them into a tasty dinner almost instantly. This meaty treat is a bite to turn to on your busy and lazy days.

That being said, grilled sausages turn out dry and flavourless oftentimes due to poor and careless cooking habits. One reckless practice is leaving the meat on the grill for too long because you don’t know how long to BBQ sausage. Another confusing aspect is knowing the best temperature to cook a sausage.

The good news is Dickson BBQ has compiled this article to give the best tips on how to barbecue the perfect sausage. But before that, you should head over to our store to get quality BBQ accessories, equipment and products for mouth-watering grilled sausages that will whet your appetite.


How to Perfectly Grill Sausages

Before grilling your sausages, make sure you are equipped with enough information to do it properly and get the best results. You can end up cooking an unpalatable sausage if appropriate BBQ methods are not employed.

For instance, grilling sausages over direct heat can be counterproductive, as the heat of the BBQ will likely scorch the ground-meat product, causing the loss of most of its juices and delicious flavours.

If you are wondering what the best procedures to BBQ a perfect sausage are, you are in the right place. Here, you will also learn about ‘how long does it take to BBQ sausage’ using these procedures.

  1. Indirect Heat

Below is a step-by-step guideline for preparing grilled sausages over indirect heat. It also mentions how long to cook sausage on BBQ.

  • First and foremost, fire up your grill to high heat with the sausages on it. Leave the sausages on the BBQ for about 1 to 2 minutes to allow them to turn brown.
  • Switch the heat level of your grill to medium. 
  • Then, place your sausages at a reasonable distance away from the heat source, or close the lid of your BBQ, if you can.
  • Leave the sausages to cook on the grill. Depending on their thickness, it should take about 10 to 15 minutes to get some perfectly roasted sausages - that’s how long to grill sausage on BBQ if you use the indirect heat method.
  • You should remove the sausages from the BBQ when they attain an internal temperature of 160 degrees. 

You will find an instant-read meat thermometer quite helpful during your BBQ session. So, you may want to get this appliance before grilling up your sausages this summer.

  1. Poaching

Other than the indirect heat procedure, you can prepare tender, perfectly-grilled sausages using the poaching method. Poaching refers to cooking in water.

This grilling technique involves poaching your ground-meat product until they reach an internal temperature of about 160 degrees. Then, the sausages turn brown after being moved to the BBQ for exposure to high heat for a couple of minutes.

Using the steps below, learn how long to BBQ sausage and how to get the best results from the poaching technique.

  • Poaching involves the use of low temperatures. So, when cooking the sausages in water, ensure that it isn’t too hot.
  • Allow the meat to poach for about 8 minutes.
  • When the internal temperature of the sausages reaches about 160 degrees, move them to the BBQ.
  • On the grill, turn the sausages on each side for about 1 to 2 minutes to singe the meat.

Noteworthily, the time required to cook sausage on BBQ using the poaching technique - though the sausages may be less savoury - is shorter than the indirect grilling duration.

Tips to Make a Perfectly-Grilled Sausage

  1. If you are roasting your sausages over indirect heat, preheat your BBQ to about 500-600 degrees.
  2. Steadily grill the sausages over low heat to avoid charred and undercooked meat. Note that a pink interior means that the meat is still raw and underdone.
  3. Sausages should not be grilled at extremely low temperatures. Any temperature below 120 degrees will cause your sausages to expand and appear too juicy. Then, when the sausages are removed from the grill, they deflate and become dry and wrinkled.
  4. Avoid buying pre-cooked or smoked sausages, as they often become overcooked on the BBQ.
  5. Instead of cutting open your sausages on the grill to check if they are done, use an instant-read meat thermometer.
  6. To avoid pricking the meat and preserve its juice and flavour instead, use tongs rather than a fork to turn your sausages on the BBQ.
  7. Consider grilling your sausages in an aluminum pan to reduce meat shrinkage. Moreover, pan grilling allows you to easily cook your sausages with condiments like tomato sauce and mustard. You can also flavour the meat by pouring some beer, apple cider, or coke into an aluminum pan grilling container.
  8. Finally, don’t wander off while barbecuing, as the sausages require you to turn them now and then. To avoid leaving the grilling spot too often, ensure all your equipment and supplies are nearby before the cooking process begins.

Now that you’ve gotten your tenderly cooked sausages, it’s up to you to decide what to eat with them. That said, we have some fantastic suggestions for you, and they include buns, rolls, and corn on the cob. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your grilled sausages with a number of tasty toppings like ketchup, mayo, mustard, sauerkraut, and onions. Sausages go well with lots of different toppings — feel free to get creative and try them all!



Having learned how long to BBQ sausage, you surely won’t be cooking any split-open, dry, undone, or overcooked sausages. Using the methods highlighted above, you will be grilling perfectly cooked sausages in no time.

However, before you begin, visit us at Dickson BBQ, to get everything that you need to host a top-notch cookout this summer.