How to Cook a Brisket on a Gas Grill

Meat and barbecue are a match made in heaven. When you think of a cookout session, the odds are you already have a piece of raw meat waiting to be tossed on the grill and cooked to perfection.

Beef, for instance, is a nice variety of meat, particularly good on the grill. It is the kind of meaty treat you want to enjoy with family and friends in the warmer weather.

Rib, chuck steak, sirloin, and brisket - to name a few - are beef cuts suitable for barbecuing purposes. These meat types have varying characteristics like thickness, fat composition, tenderness, and so on, which contribute to how they turn out on the BBQ. 

Brisket, for example, is one of the least tender beef cuts and, for this reason, can prove pretty difficult to grill. Nevertheless, you can tenderize even the toughest meat with the proper cooking method, BBQ equipment, and grilling supplies to make a delicious delicacy.

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Follow the steps below, and you will be whipping up a perfectly-roasted brisket in no time.

  1. Prepare the brisket

Make sure you have made a custom order for your brisket ahead of time. First and foremost, request meat with a regular thickness throughout and ask for the surrounding fat to be trimmed to about one-quarter thickness. This helps maintain the brisket’s moistness while grilling.

Now, after purchasing the perfect brisket, the next action is to season the meat. You can use a ready-made spice rub or a salt and pepper mixture to season your brisket. If you are going with a spice rub, ensure it contains salt; if not, endeavour to salt the brisket by yourself. 

Depending on your preference, you may decide to inject your brisket with broth, brine, or both. They help add some extra flavour to your meat while improving its moistness. After seasoning and perhaps injecting, leave the brisket at room temperature for about an hour before grilling.

  1. Prepare the gas grill

Priming your BBQ is an essential step on how to cook a brisket on a gas grill. As standard practice, ensure that the grill is clean and in good condition from the previous session. You can check out Dickson BBQ’s cleaning and maintenance catalog for quality grill cleaning supplies.

Having confirmed that the gas BBQ is clean, prepare it for smoking and indirect heating. Pour water, juice, or beer into the grill’s smoker box and place it directly above the heat source. If your gas grill doesn’t have a smoker box, you can use an aluminum foil or pan. Then, soak a couple of wood chips in the liquid-filled smoker box.

Finally, turn up the grill’s heat to about 225 to 250 degrees; this is called preheating. Even if your BBQ has a thermometer, it will help to use a separate thermometer to monitor the grill’s temperature accurately. 

At the temperature specified above, the soaked wood chips should start to burn slowly, emitting a slow stream of smoke. Remember that by adding a few dry chips to the damp ones, you can increase the rate at which smoke is released without necessarily increasing grill heat.

  1. Maintain the heat and smoke

Place the brisket on the BBQ grate, specifically where the heat is low. That said, ensure that the BBQ lid is shut to smoke the meat properly and prevent temperature fluctuation. 

At regular intervals, check the grill’s heat to ensure it remains between 225 to 250 degrees throughout the cookout session. If the temperature slips below or above the stipulated range, adjust the appliance’s heat to restore it to an appropriate value.

Furthermore, you should also look at the smoker box at a 45-minute interval. And if the need arises, add more wood chips to intensify the smoke release.

  1. When to stop grilling

This is another essential part of cooking a brisket on a gas grill.

Allow the meat to roast on the BBQ before turning it midway through the grilling session - usually about five hours. However, during that time, you can flip the brisket if one side is browning faster than usual.

Now, keep grilling the brisket till it becomes very soft and tender. Using an instant-read thermometer, check the temperature of the meat at its thickest part, and you should only stop cooking the meat when the thermometer reads between 195 and 205 degrees.

After taking your brisket off the grill, allow it to sit for a couple of hours, preferably in a cooler, until it reaches an internal temperature between 40 to 50 degrees. This final action is essential, as it allows the meat to be cooked properly.


Three Ways to Serve Grilled Brisket

After learning how to BBQ a brisket on a gas grill, you’ll want to savour your delicacy as much as possible. Luckily, you can enjoy your flavorful, juicy grilled brisket in different ways. 

We’ve compiled a list of ideas on how best to serve grilled beef brisket, and they include:

  1. The main dish

Indeed, there are various ways to enjoy your well-grilled brisket, but the most common is the main course of a meal. A slice of grilled brisket can be served alone or with other roasted meat, including bacon, ham, poultry, etc. 

Moreover, a delicious dish of juicy, barbecued meats can be accompanied by sides such as mashed potatoes, corn pudding, and potato salad - to mention a few. You may add supplements and condiments such as french fries, tomato sauce, and onion rings to make your dish perfect.

  1. Brisket sandwich 

Do you have leftovers from your BBQ party? A brisket sandwich is a way to go. You can have your brisket sliced or chopped to prepare this meal. 

After placing the smoked meat on the toast, cover it with your favourite flavour of BBQ sauce and raw or grilled sliced onions. 

You may also want to try your brisket sandwich with some other fun toppings, including lettuce, cheese, fried shallots, avocados, etc.

  1. Toppings

You can also serve grilled brisket as a complement to another dish. It can be chopped and used as a delicious pizza topping. Alternatively, it can be used as a condiment in a tomato chilli sauce.



A grilled brisket is a common meal across Canada in the warmer months, and a lot of attention and effort goes into its preparation to make a special meaty treat. This article should enlighten you on how to cook a brisket on a gas grill and the many ways to serve the delicacy.

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