Natural Fire Starter 50-Pack
Natural Fire Starter 50-Pack

Natural Fire Starter 50-Pack


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Flamers natural firelighters are made from natural wood wool. They are dipped in paraffin wax after a thorough drying process which ensures a long burn time, leaving no odour on your fingers nor in the air. The burning time of one firelighter is about 8 to 10 minutes and you will only need one per use.

Provides a long burn of about 10 minutes.

Eco firestarters made from wood wool and dipped into paraffin wax for easy and effective lighting of fires..

Perfect for all fires, including wood burners, open fires, BBQs, pizza ovens.

Chemical and odour free, with only one Flamer required to start your fire so less than $1 per lighter.

Perfect for bushcraft and camping as will light even when wet, and if wanting a real bushcraft adventure, they will light with a flint and steel

Box of 50 Flamers