61" Dual Element Electric Heater
61" Dual Element Electric Heater
61" Dual Element Electric Heater

61" Dual Element Electric Heater


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Lynx electric heaters bring radiant infrared heat and comfort to your outdoor patio or kitchen. With a variety of mounting options, the Lynx electric patio heater warms an area, without taking up valuable floor space. Powered by 6000 watts, this infrared heater can warm an area approximately 11 x 11 feet and is UL-listed for indoor and outdoor use. It can be flush mounted or installed directly to a wall or ceiling.

Lynx heaters come with a dual-stack control that allows each element to be powered independently so that the heater can operate at half or full power. Boasting outstanding performance and durability, medium wave infrared technology produces heat without glare or unpleasant light, leaving only warmth and a soft glow.

Made in America constructed from recyclable materials, and no greenhouse emissions or odors help make the Lynx electric heater an efficient, smart choice for heating your patio. All Lynx heaters include brackets that can be used to mount to the ceiling or wall and provide the required minimal clearance from combustibles and a quartz element rated for up to 5000 hours of use.

  • Includes dual stacked control
  • 10-14’ mounting height
  • 11 x 11’ heat coverage
  • 6000 Watt, 240 Volt capacity
  • UL-Listed for outdoor use
  • Approximately 5000 hours of use per element