Briner Jr - 8 Quart
Briner Jr - 8 Quart
Briner Jr - 8 Quart

Briner Jr - 8 Quart


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The Ultimate Brine Container!
This unique design resolves the #1 challenge to successful brining - floating food.  Used by award winning chefs, culinary schools, restaurants, caterers, BBQ teams & backyard cooks everywhere.  Brine turkey, chicken, pork, fish & seafood to lock in moisture and add flavor.  Works great whether you roast, smoke, grill or fry.

The Briner 8 Quart brining bucket easily fits into the refrigerator without removing shelves. Conveniently brine a whole chicken or pork shoulder.  Make restaurant quality food more often.  Great for whole chickens or chicken pieces, pork chops, shrimp, chicken wings or a few fish fillets.

Designed to fit nicely into a popular cube shaped cooler to be packed in ice if your short on space.

Made of high quality food grade plastic materials in the USA.  

8 quart capacity, measures

10.5" high, 8.75" diameter

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