Cookwood Hickory Chips

Cookwood Hickory Chips


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These 100% all-natural Hickory wood chips are the perfect product to compliment any BBQ on the market! Propane, natural gas, charcoal or wood fired, the Cookwood Chips will enhance your grilling experience and add amazing flavour to anything your grill can cook!  Chips are hand packaged tightly into their bags and ready to smoke. Bags are approx 725g

Cookwood is locally sourced, hand selected and processed. None of the Furtado Farms products are kiln dried like most of the others especially big name brands. Kiln drying is a high heat oven that wood is placed into for many days, this draws out nearly 100% of the woods moisture and kills off any insects in the wood. This in turn also draws out the flavor and smell that’s associated with the woods natural moisture content. That's why Cookwood premium wood products will out smoke and flavor all the rest.

Cookwood can be shipped, however some restrictions apply. Contact us for more info.