Dome Neapolitan Arch & Flue Extension
Dome Neapolitan Arch & Flue Extension
Dome Neapolitan Arch & Flue Extension

Dome Neapolitan Arch & Flue Extension


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Master your leopard spotted crusts and take your pizza to the next level with this ceramic coated Neapolitan Arch. The Arch lowers the door height to enhance heat retention, creating the perfect environment for high- hydration doughs.

Neapolitan pizza is cooked at a very high temperature and quickly. The oven should be at full heat saturation (450°C+ / 845°F) allowing cooking times of 45-60 seconds. To create the perfect rise and leopard charred crust on high hydration dough, the air temperature must be extremely high. The arch narrows the aperture of the oven mouth, allowing the air temperature to reach a much higher temperature and cook the perfect Neapolitan pizza.

Arch is ceramic bonded with a recess in the central aperture to allow the pizza chef to ‘dome’ pizzas (place turning peel under crust and lift the pizza up into the flames/highest temperature of the oven).

The Dome's Flue Extension channels away smoke & soot from the oven, improving air-flow.

The Neapolitan Arch is designed to enhance the pizza cooking experience with Gas only. It is not designed to be used with wood.

Arch Key Features:
  • Create perfect Neapolitan pizza
  • Retain heat for longer
  • Ceramic coated for extra durability
  • For optimal performance and gas compliance safety the Neapolitan Arch must be used with the flue extension.

Flue Extension Key Features:

  • Improve flow of air
  • Reduce soot build up
  • Stainless steel & ceramic bonded paint
  • Flue dimensions are ⌀127mm x 487mm (⌀5'' x 19.2‘’)