Joe Jr. Pizza Porta


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The Cutest of the Pizza-Porta KJ models. But don’t let it fool you. Easily cooks at 650F and a load of charcoal lasts over 3 hours. You can now make pizza at the beach, or on a tailgate! Make 10” wood-fired pizzas

Door Opening is 11” by 3.75”

Recommended stone size is 12” (Big Green Egg makes a MiniMax 12” stone)


With the Pizza-Porta installed, heat is concentrated in the dome area, heating the ceramic of the dome. The heat must then pass over the pizza to escape out the side vents. The size of the door is calibrated so that there is a limited impact on the airflow into the fire chamber. This all works together to ensure the environment inside the oven is more balanced top and bottom and is kept at a consistent temperature. This balance will make better crust, whether it is one pizza or twenty.