MagSlider Lid
MagSlider Lid
MagSlider Lid
MagSlider Lid

MagSlider Lid


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The MagSlider™ Lid means enjoying a hot drink from our Rambler® Tumblers without worrying about spills in the cab or splashes on the go. Unlike other closeable drink lids, ours harness the power of magnets (yep, real magnets) for smooth opening and closing, and has a crystal clear lid so you can always see if you’re in need of a top off. Our magnet technology also makes for easy cleaning — you can pop the MagSlider off, rinse, dry, and return it to the YETI Slider Lid. And the MagSlider Lid is spill- and shatter-resistant, just like the rest of our Rambler accessories.


177ML Coffee Mug, 295ML Wine Tumbler, 295ML Tumbler


295ML Lowball, 295ML Mug, 710ML Mug, 473ML Pint, 591ML Tumbler, 739ML Straw Mug


414ML Mug, 769ML Cup, 887ML Tumbler, 1L Straw Mug, 1.2L Straw Mug


YETI Rambler not included with purchase. 

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