Mammoth Grill Cover
Mammoth Grill Cover

Mammoth Grill Cover


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There's no doubt the Mammoth is an overbuilt beast, so we made a cover to match the quality. In this case, the history of the Mammoth won't repeat itself. Protect your prized investment and preserve its quality for years!

Crafted for durability, it shields your Mammoth from rain, snow, sun, and dust, ensuring that the beast of your patio stays in top-notch condition for years to come.

  • Heavy Duty Woven Polyester for maximum protection
  • Inner PVC coating to repel water
  • Denier fabric that is lightweight and durable to hold up to the elements
  • Vertical Zipper (YKK) design for pain-free application and removal
  • High color fastness to keep your cover from fading
  • Aesthetically fitting to keep your deck/patio looking clean

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