Oval Large

Oval Large


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Enjoy better, faster, and easier cooks with the new Kick Ash Basket.

The Kick Ash Basket lets you simply lift out used charcoal and ash before every cook. You can dispose of ashes and be ready for your next cook in seconds—no muss, no fuss. Just lift the Fire Basket out and give it a few shakes over a trash can (make sure the fire is completely out!). Set the Kick Ash Basket back in place, add some fresh charcoal, and you're ready to go in seconds!

Learn how this simple accessory will raise your grilling to a new level of performance, convenience and pure cooking enjoyment!

  • Designed specifically for the Primo Oval LG 300 Ceramic Grill
    • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Heavy duty stainless steel wire
    • Electropolished stainless steel
    • Use with or without the lower cast iron charcoal grate.


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